Friday, December 18, 2009

see view

see view
'Viewing things from alternate perspectives and looking ‘beneath the surface’

Catherine Stringer

Original works, and digital prints on canvas

See View spans the past three years of Catherine’s practice. This work relates to her residencies in France, 2007 and in China, 2008, and a number of works inspired by her trips to King Island, especially by the shipwreck of the Neva.

Opening Thursday, 10th December at 5.30 pm, BYO drinks

Open from December 10th to January 9th Cultural Centre, Currie Harbour

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Studio KI

Meet the Makers, Experience the work
Roger Banfield, Paul Bale
Kim Bale & Alison Milsom

20 November - 7 December

Fine Furniture Art Timber Gifts

Friday, November 20, 2009

Taiko Drumming

King Island Taiko Drumming

Through Rural Health Week A new musical group has been established on King Island with assistance from Rural Health Week and KI Regional Health Services. Maria Perez-Pulido from Burnie provided expert guidance in drum making, leadership and Taiko Drumming. Our group has formed by popular demand following the Youth Week Taiko Drumming workshops this year. 16 King Islander's committed many hours of strenuous mental and physical hours to get our group established. We recieved overwhelming support from both the Hobart and Burnie Taiko Drimming Groups and look forward to the day in the not too distant future when we can all perform together. Watch out for us over the summer months practicing in the shade and performing at local events.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Secluded Isolation: Artists works for sale - Tim Petrovic

Artist Tim Petrovic
Grand Blue 2009 Colour photographic print 16 x 20

Artist Tim Petrovic
Sky Stone 2005 Colour photographic print 16 x 20

Artist Tim Petrovic
Silhouetted Odyssey 2009 Colour photographic print 16 x 20
$220 Sold

Artist Tim Petrovic
Ocean Shepherd 2009 Colour photographic print 16 x 20

Artist Tim Petrovic
Light Switch 2008 Colour photographic print 16 x 20

Secluded Isolation: Artists works for sale - Daniel Hendriks

Artist Daniel Hendricks
Obstinate 2009 Digital print 7 x 20cms

Artist Daniel Hendricks
High And Dry 2009 Digital print 9 x 25 cms

Artist Daniel Hendricks
Harbour 2009 Digital print 7 x 20cms

Artist Daniel Hendricks
Green Energy 2009 Digital print 7 x 20cms

Artist Daniel Hendricks
Cliff 2008 Digital print 12 x 30cms

Secluded Isolation: Artists works for sale - Rohanna Goldsmith

Artist Rohanna Goldsmith
Alive 2009 Colour photograph 16 x 20

Artist Rohanna Goldsmith
Old And New 2008 Colour photograph 16 x 20

Artist Rohanna Goldsmith
Lonely 2009 Digital Colour Photograph 16 x 20

Artist Rohanna Goldsmith
Bliss 2009 Colour photograph 16 x 20

Secluded Isolation:artists works for sale - Nick Johannsohn

Artist Nick Johannsohn
Succession - 2009 35mm print 24cm x 34cm

Artist: Nick Johannson
Paddy's Tarn,
2003 35mm print, 24cm x 36cm

Artist Nick Johannsohn
Lavinia I - 2006 35mm print 24cm x 36cm

Artist Nick Johannsohn
Boulder, 2009 35mm print 36cm x 24cm

Artist Nick Johannsohn
Occupy - 2009 35mm print 36cm x 24cm

Artist Nick Johannsohn
Lavinia II - 2006 35mm print
24cm x 36cm

Friday, September 11, 2009

Secluded Isolation Opening, September 4th

The Cultural Centre has re-opened after a winter recess with a fabulous exhibition called Secluded Isolation. Seventy people attended the Launch on Friday, 4th September, with Alison Milsom giving an inspiring opening speech about not only the photographs but how talented the photographers and sound artist are and most importantly how refreshing it is not to have a bunch of old grey haired ladies, but a group of young leaders showing their work. Rohanna Goldsmith, Freja Petersen, Tim Petrovic, Nick Johannsohn, Tim Bale, Tim Bennett, Daniel Hendriks and James Dacosta (James is on his way to Portugal, lucky man!) all worked on all aspects of the exhibition over the past 3 months, and the standard of the exhibition really shows their commitment to their arts practice and their love for the Island. Freja and Rohanna did a magnificent job of catering that I think all who attended would attest to. Exhibition continues until October 9th.

Sally Marsden, Cultural Centre Coordinator

secluded isolation

Secluded Isolation
King Island Cultural Centre
Opening Friday 4th September - 5.30pm
Launch by: Alison Milsom
Nibbles supplied, BYO
Works will be displayed until 8th October
Photographers: Tim Bennett, Tim Petrovic, James Da Costa, Rohanna Goldsmith, Daniel Hendriks, Nick Johannsohn, Freja Peterson Sound Artist: Tim Bale

King Island Cultural Centre, Currie Harbour King Island TAS 7256
Phone: 03 6462 1924 Blog:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Yiloga! Tiwi Footy Art Exhibition

Chris Barnett, President of the KI football Association, will be opening the exhibition on Friday 5th June, 5.30pm.

You, your families and friends are all welcome.

Yiloga! is an exploration of football and the importance of football

in the life of an Indigenous community.

This exhibition explores the links between sport, culture and art

resonating deeply within the collective Australian psyche.

This series of documentary style photographs deals with the place of footy in Tiwi culture and explores not only the Tiwi communities’ passion for the game of AFL Football but also its positive influence on life in the community.

The colour and excitement of ‘footy’ is captured as well as some of the startling history of the islands over the last 5 years.

. Artback NT is proud to present this touring exhibition with thanks to the Photographer’s for the loan of these works.

The footy season is well underway so why not have a whole weekend of footy with our local footy games on Saturday and come and enjoy this exhibition on Sunday!

Friday, April 24, 2009

40 Degrees Of Separation

James Newitt and Justy Phillips

Through a new multi-screen video work titled 40 degrees of separation, the artists are presenting a collaborative project developed during their 4-week Arts Tasmania Residency at the King Island Cultural Centre in 2008.

The work explores connections between personal histories, ideas of change and an island in transition through the use of video and sound. Using selected community groups as a starting point, such as the CWA, Senior Citizens Association and through community facilities, such as the Grassy Club; the artists undertook an intensive period of research, interviewing over twenty older residents in their homes at various locations around the island. The artists also utilised community platforms such as the King Island Courier and community noticeboards to encourage interested residents to contact them directly, such as invitations to afternoon tea.

As artists, they are interested in the ways in which people relate to each other and to the world in different social and cultural contexts and chose to focus on significant moments of change within the lives of older residents and drew connections between these vastly different experiences. In 40 degrees of separation, they present these as evocative visual portraits of both a generation and a place.

During this residency, they gathered significant video content and production stills, which have been edited and refined to create this new multi-screen video for presentation at the CWA, 5.30 2nd May.

For further information:

Sally Marsden

King Island Cultural Centre

Cultural Development Officer

King Island Council

03 6462 1924

0428 550404

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Material Girl

The pictures above are from the extremely succesful Material Girl Remnants exhibition which opened recently at the King Island Cultural Centre.

Fiveteen local women artists exhibited a number of works on King Island in an offshoot of the Material Girl exhibition in mainland Tasmania.

Three exhibits from King Island were accompanied by two of the artists on their journey from King Island to the exhibition in Launceston where they were very well received and also made to feel very welcome.

This is the second time that King Island has staged it's own offshoot-show as part of the Ten Days On The Island Festival and has been welcomed by locals and those farther away.

Sally Marsden has reported back to Tas Regional Arts that King Islanders feel more connected with Tasmania by doing this and the organisers of Ten Days On The Island have in turn passed on their sense of excitement at the innovative way in which local artists have dealt with their geographic isolation.

Let's Get It Strait

Congratulations to everyone involved in last Saturday’s amazing show “Let’s get it Strait!’.

Despite a venue change due to strong wind warnings, it could not have been better! The performances were sublime and we had a fantastic audience. All the hard work really paid off and it was a show of depth, joy and original beauty.

Emma and Gavin from Tasdance wish to pass on their sincere thanks to the whole school community for our support and enthusiasm. They are currently on Flinders Island for the next part of this island project.

Again, congratulations to all involved in the long process that culminated in this ‘once in a lifetime’ show. We are indeed extremely lucky to have been part of such a professional project.

Photographs to follow shortly.

Ruined - In Exile.

Some wonderful photos taken by Linda French which give a flavour of the exhibition currently down at the King Island Cultural Centre.

If you are able to visit make sure you spend a couple of minutes to watch the DVD of our Ruined event filmed early this year and listen to the wonderful music that can still be extracted from such a ruinous hulk!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Material Girl - Remnants

Material Girl is an annual art competition open to Tasmanian women artists. Tasmanian Regional Arts will be selecting work for the March 20th Exhibition at the Poimena Gallery Launceston with works also selected for touring throughout Tasmania including King Island later in 2009.

Four King Island artists are submitting works and many more will be holding a joint exhibition – Material Girl – Remnants at the Cultural Centre from the 20th March – 15th April. Photography, textiles art, sculpture and more will portray the theme Global Woman.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Pairs Of Shorts

In 2008
Debra Oswald visited King Island to search for inspiration for her new short play for Two Pairs Of Shorts .

The play will be read on King Island at the Currie Town Hall on 1st April at 6.00pm. Tickets are available at the door for $10.00.

When Debra was here last year she spoke to a number of King Islanders and (rather unnervingly) was forever harvesting stories and ideas for her play so everyone here can't wait to see what she's come up with.

Deb also held a writers workshop which was a fascinating insight into the way she works and how her ideas come about.
The play will be read at the Currie Town Hall on King Island on April 1st at 6.00pm. Ticket available on the door for $10.00.

Let's Get It Strait

Let's Get It Strait is a creative fusion led by Tasdance and the communities of Flinders, King and Cape Barren Islands that results in a programme of evocative performance experiences. Beth Shelton's She Oak Sings, first created in 1987, evokes the emotive sound of the gentle wind in the trees by using ingenious whirlies created by Sarah Hopkins.

Tasdance came to King Island earlier in the year and performed at the King Island Town Hall to great acclaim. They also carried out a number of workshops at King Island District High School and will be hoping the great dancers they worked with will remember it all as THEY WILL BE IN THE SHOW!

The performance will be held outside in Stockyard Park on Saturday 14th March at 7.30pm and tickets will be available on the door for $10.00 ($15.00 concessions).