Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jeremy (Wire) Curtain Retrospective

“Not many people would know I’m an artist. 
Yep I’d like them to”

2nd November to 30th November

A Retrospective Exhibition and Celebration of 'Wire's' life as an artist

Retrospective Exhibition Launch , November 2nd 2012

Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate 'Wire's life as an artist" from 5.30 BYO

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Jeremy (Wire) Curtain Retrospective

“Not many people would know I’m an artist.  Yep I’d like them to”

 2nd November to 30th November

A Retrospective Exhibition and Celebration of 'Wire's' life as an artist 

Retrospective Exhibition Launch , November 2nd 2012 

Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate 'Wire's life as an artistfrom 5.30 BYO

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Artist in Residence - Victoria Dunn
Works in Progress Exhibition
26th October to 31st October 

Victoria Dunn (2012), Sound, acrylic on canvas.
Image courtesy of the artist

Creative practice for me involves my experiences of the place where I live.  To be among the people and objects and natural forces that make a place is paramount to the pleasure of living and to my way of working.

When living in a new place the expectation is that there will be a phase of strangeness due to new perspectives on otherwise familiar aspects of living.   Everything is different yet familiar: interactions with people, housing, cooking, moving among objects that make up the landscapes and towns, and of course, the weather. 

Everyday life involves the constant crossing of boundaries or thresholds of experience.  The focus of my work on King Island will be the exploration through drawing/painting of what I perceive as the crossing of boundaries that traditionally delineate built and natural environments. 

The intention is, through my experiences of Southwest Victoria (where I live) and King Island, to make drawings in various environments including that of the studio.  From these works I'll create further work in my studio in Warrnambool.  An exhibition of these subsequent works is planned for 2013 at Scope Galleries (Warrnambool) and in the Cultural Centre, King Island.  
Victoria Dunn

King Island Artist Pam McKay

I’ve lived most of my life in coastal Qld, also lesser time in WA, NSW, and NT.  My husband Noel and I love to travel and discover new places.
After reading of King Island in a national magazine in 2009, we came for a quiet 6 day getaway as retirees and fell under the spell of the island and its people.  We impulsively bought a NW coastal property, sold our Mt Tamborine home in Qld, and moved here.
I grew up on a sugar cane farm driving tractors and playing in the creek. This instilled in me a love of nature and strong colours, the raging red of cane fires, vivid blue mountains beyond, fresh green foliage of tropical Qld along with the multi coloured parrots and tropical fruits. However I was equally as happy experimenting with sewing, crochet and embroidery.  Later my husband and children wore my sewing creations usually of my own design.  Eventually I retired from the workforce and learnt watercolour and acrylic art, life drawing, sculpture, mosaics and patchwork.
In 2007 on a trip through Victoria I first discovered felting – it was love at first sight and feel; I did  a one day workshop in Daylesford and immediately felt it was ‘my’ medium.  I marvelled at the result of working with fine merino wool, tissue silk and beautiful silk fibre.  With a little research I found I lived just 2 hours from Polly and Myfanwy Stirling, and did several 2 and 3 day workshops with this talented duo. However I didn’t extend my knowledge until I moved to KI.

Image courtesy of artist
Moving here has inspired me, given me a sense of freedom I’ve not experienced since childhood.  I now challenge myself and find felting exciting! It’s a way for me to express myself freely, let the work evolve and  be surprised. I continue to explore and learn new techniques, particularly eco-dyeing through books and the work of other artists; nuno felting with rich silk fabric and fibre being my current preference for creating works of felt art.  I particularly admire the work of Liz Clay and Pam Hovell .  
 Image courtesy of artist
The spectacular colours of the sea sand and rocks in the magical glow of the long twilight, perfect rainbows, rugged raw beauty and clean air all lend themselves to creating  fabulous art.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New works by Richard Skinner
bird stories, kelp stories
fragments of journeys; illuminated and suspended
July 5th - August 3rd 
 Image courtesy of the artist
The works in this exhibition bird stories, kelp stories, are both a record of past journeys and of current investigations, of journeys off and on the island.  Bird stories, kelp stories is a return to the place and people that inspired me, an opportunity to present new work developed since the original residency, and to recognize and celebrate the shared, and sometimes unpredictable, nature of creative exchange Richard Skinner

  This Exhibition was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.  Supported by

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New artist in residence - Donna Lougher

image courtesy of the artist

image courtesy of the artist

Donna from Evandale, Northern Midlands, Tasmania, is taking part in a 5 week artist residency program at the Cultural Centre funded by Arts Tasmania to create a series of paintings using acrylic.  The many aspects of  King Island's landscape and culture is informing Donna's practice.  Exhibition of her works in progress on 18th of May at 5.30pm at the King Island Cultural Centre. All welcome to view Donna's visual record of her stay.